Neck pain and headaches can result from too much time on computers and especially iPads. The following advice may give you a starting point to reducing this discomfort.

  1. Set your chair up according to ergonomic principles: shoulders centred over hips, back straight. Don’t allow your shoulders to shrug up, or your chin to jut forward (imagine a piece of tape holding your chin to your adam’s apple)
  2. Pause breaks: turn your head in each direction as far as it will go, look up to the ceiling and put your chin on your chest 3 times every hour, as well as getting up and moving around.
  3. Make sure the computer is at eye level whenever possible. If using an iPad, take more regular breaks, and prop it up on a pillow or iPad rest so you are not looking down for long periods.
  4. Strengthen your deep neck flexors. Research has shown this can reduce headaches caused by neck pain/dysfunction (for more information, go to No. 5).
  5. Come and have a chat or book an appointment with Andrew or Leslee at Dalkeith Physiotherapy for an individually-tailored treatment program, which may include mobilization, massage, specific exercise, and postural advice.